Principal's Message - Term 1 2013

Welcome to San Fernando T.M.L. School.

Admission to this institution may have been extremely difficult for September 2013, so you can consider yourself fortunate. The demand for the school continues to be a great challenge and may be attributed to the school’s outstanding performance not only in academics but in other areas as well.

This booklet [student information booklet] is intended for you to familiarize yourselves with the institution - its history, rules and policies. In so doing, you will better understand what we are about and so together we can work towards achieving our goals.
We, at T.M.L. San Fernando, are committed to quality education and achieving excellence in all our endeavours. With your support for your child and this institution, we can continue to achieve and  excel.

We look forward to working with you.


Camille Hosein
Principal Primary, Staff
PTA President & Executive


TML Inc. wanted to provide religious and secular education for students in San Fernando. The Prince Albert Street Mosque agreed to loan the mosque hall for an initial period of five years. On Monday the 19th January, 1953, TML Primary School opened its doors to 37 children at the Mosque Hall at Prince Albert Street. The first Principal was Mr Murtuza Baksh. The enrollment at the time was 37 and there were 5 teachers including the principal. The late Moulvi Ameerali blessed the school. The formal opening was done by the then Minister of Education, Mr. Roy Joseph. Mr Noor Hassanali, then Magistrate for Victoria and former President of the Republic was the first Recording Secretary. The first Manager was the late M. Y. Khan who was the Imam of the mosque.

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Motto & Core Values


Good Thoughts, Good Deeds


Core Values

We strive to nurture, develop and uphold a culture of :

           Love                        Empathy

           Respect                  Tolerance

           Honesty                  Patriotism

           Integrity                  Spirituality

           Collegiality/ Cooperation/ Team Spirit

Vision & Mission


To achieve excellence in education by providing a teaching learning environment that will cater for the holistic development of students.


To equip students with the skills, values, attitudes and abilities necessary for good citizenship, and to cope with the challenges of the modern world.


Our Philosophy

We believe that

  1. Every child can learn at his or her own pace.
  2. Teachers should be life long learners, forever upgrading their professional status.
  3. Education is a tool that can be used to enhance problem solving skills and equip the child to meet the challenges of the changing world.
  4. For effective learning to take place, teachers should plan well and work as a committed team.
  5. There should be collaboration amongst all stakeholders in the planning process and execution of the same.